Kiew: eine spontane -ahäm!- Selbstentzündung

What happened yesterday in Grushevskogo street in Kiev, and is still going on, is a natural result of government’s actions and opposition’s impotence. This is the best event in Ukrainian politics in January 2014.

Politicians are estranged from the people to such extent that they simply cannot grasp the society’s mood. The government showed astounding inadequacy on 16 January, having pushed through the laws which are unacceptable for the considerable part of the society. Even if it’s only a minority, it’s an active minority. The “dictatorship laws” were a direct invitation to burn police buses, and they lit up on January 19th. The government hadn’t expected this. They thought the threat would calm down demonstrators. Perhaps they had a plan but it obviously didn’t envisage so large scale of riots and so evident humiliation of the government. 


Euromaidan activists’ disillusionment and rage are due not only to the actions of the stupid government which leans on the police and thugs, but also to the total failure of Klitschko, Yatseniuk and Tiahnybok to put forward any plan for overthrowing the government.

This is the natural act of desperate people who are sick of all politicians and who are not ready to accept the state of emergency. This is not a revolutionary act of the people, this is not parliamentary masturbation – simply an involuntary ejaculation due to long lasting abstinence from sensible and purposeful actions.

Die vorläufigen Überlegungen zur Lage in der Ukraine, hier in voller Länge. 


Wichtig: Lasst euch nichts anmerken

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