Marg bar jomhuriye eslami!

„Death to the Iranian regime, long live the freedom of women“

„Tod dem iranischen Regime, es lebe die Freiheit der Frauen“ 11258250_10204086932845558_4118128692778431734_n

A comrade wrote:

In Mahabad (Iranian Kurdistan) killed himself last Monday Farinaz Khosravani from the fourth floor of a hotel to escape the rape by state officials of the Islamic Republic. Since then, people protest in Mahabad against the systematic aggression of Khomeini despotism towards women – and since those despotism is forced to bring more troops to repressive forces in the city in north-western Iran, to crush the rebellion. The hotel, before the German flag was hoisted (somewhere the trade representatives of German repression technologies must spend the night), burned down. Protesters tore the „Art and Craft“, which shows a stylized signature „Allah“ from the flag of the Islamic Republic. The „self-defense unit of Women Iranian Kurdistan“ (witches Para Tina jine, the Women’s Brigade of the Iranian PKK sister party PJAK) calls for self-defense against the „misogynist“ Islamic Republic of Iran and is also reminiscent of the murders of Reyhaneh Jabbari (executed in Iran because she killed her rapist) and Farkhunda Malikzada (due to the rumor that she had burned a Quran, stoned by a mob in Kabul).


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