The Impossible Revolution: Leseempfehlung

Man muss folgendes vorausschicken, ob man will oder nicht.

It isn’t surprising that the right sees every Syrian refugee as a potential terrorist when the left has spent years opining that the Syrian revolution is run by al-Qaida (or American imperialism, or Zionism). These beasts feed each other. The greatest threats today are rising authoritarianism, whether it calls itself leftist or rightist (or Islamist)…

This is going to get a lot more messy… Yassin argues that democracy “retreats everywhere as soon as it stops progressing anywhere”. He speaks of a progressively “Syrianized” world.

Es geht um Yasin al-Haj Salehs Buch The Impossible Revolution. Making Sense of the Syrian Tragedy, über das eine andere Rezension schreibt:

When earlier this week the UN war crimes prosecutor Carla del Ponte resigned over the Security Council’s inaction, she saw fit to add: „everyone in Syria is bad now“. She said this as the news of the execution of media activist Bassel Khartabil was becoming public, Idlib University was holding free elections, Saraqib and Eastern Ghouta were electing local councils and volunteers from the Syrian Civil Defence were risking lives to rescue victims of the regime’s relentless bombings. For del Ponte and her ilk, these people might as well not exist.

Und nicht nur für diese. Wie hiess es? These beasts feed each other. Die Dynamik der heutigen weltweiten Konterrevolution ist auf seltsame Weise verzahnt geworden mit der der syrischen.

Since the beginning of the Syrian revolution over six years ago, there has been a determined effort to smother it both literally and figuratively.

There is the ceaseless attrition of bullets, bombs, torture, starvation and poison gas; there is the relentless subversion of truth through erasure, distortion, slant and fabrication.

Die Vorherrschaft der verwirrenden Lüge muss, auch wenn es aussichtlos erscheint, auf allen Ebenen konfrontiert werden.


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