Fluchtursachen und Gezielte Vertreibungen

Fangen wir doch mit dem an, was linken und rechten Fans der PKK am unangenehmsten sein wird:

In the Hassakeh and Raqqa countryside, human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have documented PYD attacks against more than 14 locations, such as al-Husseiniyah and Solouk, with the aim of expelling their non-Kurdish residents.

Das ist Teil eines Musters gezielter Vertreibungen, um die sunnitisch-arabische Bevölkerung aus strategischen Orten zu verdrängen und zu enteignen.

The regime has conducted broad displacement operations in many Syrian regions, especially in Homs and Damascus and its environs, using as pretexts either reconciliations and truces or starvation and militia violence. The regime and Iran, while pursuing different goals, have worked together to effect real demographic change, a process which has proceeded openly, reaching a climax at the end of last year.

Das neue Gesetz Nr. 10 soll die Rechtsgrundlage abgeben, den Landbesitz von Geflohenen zu konfiszieren:

Advanced by the government under the pretense of reconstructing the war-torn nation and improving the quality of housing, the law empowers the government to designate areas inside Syria for redevelopment. Per the law, when an area is designated, property owners within it will have 30 days to go to the local administrative unit and file a claim of ownership, in order to ultimately be compensated as they will be displaced from their properties because of the government’s plans. Assuming that property owners even have their ownership documents—a fact that cannot be taken for granted amid displacement, war, and reports of systematic land registry destruction—the law entirely ignores the reality that the war is still ongoing, that over five million Syrians are refugees living outside the country, and that over six million Syrians are internally displaced from their original homes inside Syria.

Oder man verbrennt gleich die Grundbücher:

Senior officials in neighbouring Lebanon have been monitoring what they believe has been a systematic torching of Land Registry offices in areas of Syria recaptured on behalf of the regime. A lack of records make it difficult for residents to prove home ownership. Offices are confirmed to have been burned in Zabadani, Darayya, Syria’s fourth city, Homs, and Qusayr on the Lebanese border, which was seized by Hezbollah in early 2013.

Darkoush said whole neighbourhoods had been cleansed of their original inhabitants in Homs, and that many residents had been denied permission to return to their homes, with officials citing lack of proof that they had indeed lived there.

“The first step in the plan has been achieved,” he said. “It involved expelling the inhabitants of these areas and burning up anything which connects them to their land and homes. The second step will be replacing the original inhabitants with newcomers from Iraq and Lebanon.”

Die Sieger des syrischen Krieges haben vor, ihre Gegner oder die, die sie dafür halten müssen, aus dem Land zu halten, und zwar genau unter dem Vorwand des Wiederaufbaus:

And yet, reconstructing Syria is essential to President Assad’s regime. This is not because it cares about restoring basic services like healthcare and housing to a decent level, or about the return of Syrian refugees. Figures like Syrian Major General Issam Zahreddin (since killed in battle) made it abundantly clear some time ago that returning refugees should not count on a warm welcome.

No. Rather, reconstruction is essential to the regime’s survival because it must reward the networks of businessmen, military, and militia leaders that helped it win the war.

Soviel einstweilen zu „Fluchtursachen“!


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